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Please note: Pad Only.

The Mini Plate Pro Pad is designed to perfectly match up to the Gray Ops Mini Plate Pro. The Mini Plate Pro Pad provides the user a small, light and extremely stable shooting platform while keeping both hands on the rifle. The Mini Plate Pro Pad is the perfect solution for building a stable shooting position in a small opening where the Gamechanger is too tall. The user can easily adjust the amount and type of fill with the built in fill spout. The Mini Plate Pro Pad comes with an option of our standard poly bead fill or a heavy sand fill.
Please note; The Mini Plate Pro shown in the images is not included. This is the pad only - you'll need to purchase the Mini Plate separately.

Mini Plate Pro Pad (Sand Fill)

SKU: AG0757
  • Weight for fill:


    Sand fill: approx 4 lbs (+/-)