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The Hunter Plate was designed to be the lightest, strongest, most packable tripod plate yet.  Its integrated dual arca clamp design allows you to attach multiple optics such as binoculars/spotting scope and a rangefinder for glassing hillsides.  With the twist of a knob, you can remove your optics and have a sturdy tripod plate to rest a rifle on for a quick steady shot.

The Hunter Plate has an integrated 4-way arca dovetail machined into the base.  Making it compatible with any arca style tripod head.  There are multiple accessory locations including an array of 1/4-20 threaded holes (wind flags) and our V-groove accessory interface (compatible with scope mount accessories) for attaching two different lengths of picatinny rails.  This is super helpful for attaching kestrel holders, wind flags, angle indicators, ect.

Everyone runs their tripod setup different.  This is versatile and lets you configure it the way you want.  See below for popular accesso