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The Grippy Flat Bag is the perfect solution for range, competition, or tactical applications where you need rifle support that won't slip. The top and bottom are made of a rugged "Grippy" material that prevents slippage on barricades and helps lock your rifle in to a stable supported position. The Velcro One-Wrap strap allows you to attach the Grippy Flat Bag to your rifle (or pack or other gear) so you'll never leave it behind at your last firing position and it won't fall off of the barricade during use. The Grippy Flat Bag has just enough fill weight to provide a solid and stable rest for your rifle. Like everything Armageddon Gear manufactures, the Grippy Flat Bag is proudly made in the USA!

Armageddon Gear Grippy Flat Bag

SKU: AG0579
Colour: Black