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The Armageddon Gear Python Adjustable Support Bag is a reliable shooting support bag designed by Shannon "The Python" Kay of K&M Precision Rifle Training. Each of these Shooting Accessories crafted by Armageddon Gear are filled with a 50/50 mix of their heavy and ultralight fill that provides the stability you need to take precise shots down range. This Armageddon Gear Python Adjustable Rifle Support Bag features dual one-inch webbing straps that allow you to adjust the bag for hard or soft support, and you can change the shape or size to best match your current situation. Stabilize your shots with the remarkably versatile Armageddon Gear Python Adjustable Shooting Support Bag. Like everything we make, the Python is proudly Made In the USA!

Python Adjustable Support Bag

49,99£ Standardpreis
Colour: Tan