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Get ready to revolutionise your shooting game with the all-new, electrifying Sticky Game Changer™ from Armageddon Gear! Innovative technology meets unbeatable design as we blend our top-of-the-line waxed canvas shell with a cutting-edge sticky textile that will blow your mind. We strategically apply this game-changing textile to key areas of the Game Changer™, including the gusset, top, and single side, providing an unprecedented level of coefficient friction for maximum stability. Unlike other non-slip fabrics, our sticky textile is impervious to Ultraviolet light, ensuring long-lasting performance for the ultimate shooting experience. Available in both OG and Pint-sized options, our reinforced waxed canvas shell with the sticking textile panels will elevate your shooting to new heights. Get ready to experience an unparalleled level of excitement and precision with the Sticky Game Changer™ from Armageddon Gear.

Sticky Gamechanger™ New.