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Designed for use with the ProTac® Multi Hanger system (sold separately).


This gong provides 50% more strength and resistance compared to other gongs on the market. This is achieved by using quality materials and increasing material around mounting hole. Circular hanging points are more resistance to fracture than square cut holes which seem to crack in corners due to weak areas in the steel.

When used in conjunction with the ProTac® Multi hanger the system insures reliable use. Gongs are secured safely within the hanger system and ensures to gong cannot fall when hit multiple times.

All ProTac® Gongs manufactured to ISO9001 are tested beyond normal energy ratings to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose.

All ProTac® Mulit Gongs come powder coated as standard

ProTac® Multi Gong

  • Thickness: 10mm

    Steel Grade: AR/HBW 500 with minimum test standard of 500 or above.

    Coating: ProTac® Grey powdercoat

  • 20mm mounting hole. Designed for ProTac® . Multi Hanger

    *Can also be used with most other gong mounting methods.

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