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Born out of experience and passion. Driven by quality and commitment

Tactical Shooting Solutions Ltd / Pro-Tac Targets.


Throughout 24 years of shooting experience as a military sniper there were often occasions when I just didn’t have the right piece of kit or equipment. If I was having this experience, then other professional marksmen must be too. So I began to develop my ideas for problem solving into products and soon found them to be popular among military and law enforcement units across the UK and Europe.


Since the early days, we have developed new products, bespoke solutions and made modifications along the way to pull together the highest quality shooting accessories for professionals and sportsmen. We are proud to work with UK manufacturers and suppliers as well as bringing well known overseas brands exclusively to the UK. We regularly innovate and bring new products and ideas to the market, working closely with the shooting community. Our products are tried and tested by professionals and have gained in reputation as durable and reliable.


We may be small and family run, but we’re big on passion for quality and delivering the best service we can. We’re always on hand for tips and advice and are committed to providing after sales care that our customers can rely on.

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