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This short action chamber flag has some features we really love.  Prevents mags from being inserted unless the flag is removed and the ability to add a chiller on those hot days!

  • Detects round left in chamber.
  • Prohibits AICS magazines from loading when flag is in place, (AW mags when bolt is pulled back).
  • AICS magazines must be removed for flag to go into chamber (AW mags when bolt is pulled back).
  • Prevents leaving magazine in rifle when flag is inserted.
  • One hand insertion and removal.
  • Fits short actions.
  • Push to forward position and use with portable air pump for barrel cooling. 
  • The cooler is rechargeable via USB - approximate 15 min run time, it is recommended to connect a small USB battery pack to recharge while not in use.
  • For cooling barrel in vertical orientation place one side of elastic over windage knob to hold bolt forward.
  • Includes attached fob with target reference information.

Scan the QR code in the pictures for
flag information video.

CMI Chamber Flag & Barrel Cooler