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This high quality reloading block is perfect for the professional or hobbyist reloader.


Each block has 100 holes that are specially designed to hold cases in a stable position with tight tolerances and therefore avoid or limit damage. Every hole is engraved with a number for careful preparation of batches or for assigning to bullets.

At the base of each hole is a primer protection pocket to prevent accidental damage or discharge to primers. There are 2 slots on the right measuring 8.5cm x 4cm for selected bullet heads for reloading.

Manufactured in the UK from 6000 series aluminium, each block completes 2 CNC processes; firstly to create the shape and holes and secondly, to create the contrasting silver feature around the edge and holes after anodising.

The tray weighs 3.2kg in order to keep it steady on flat surfaces when in use. Currently available in 3 colours.



ADE 100rd Reloading Block Electric Blue