The Xmount® Patent Pending is an all in one shooting mount that has been developed over many years by experienced snipers to secure both weapon and optics. It is strong, light weight, multi use and can be used in any situation, making it essential in today’s tool kit for special operations snipers, marksman and dedicated shooters and hunters.

This custom made mount is machined from a solid block of aluminium to precision standards in the United Kingdom. All parts are made from the highest quality materials and the mount also features a bubble level to eliminate cant when setting up a stable firing platform.
The machined handle has been designed to eliminate snags on equipment and obstacles whilst stalking, moving or climbing.

The four strapping points on top of the mount are a unique feature of Xmount® that takes the usage of the shooting mount to the next level. Using straps, the mount can be used without a tripod in applications such as helo sniping, suspension in urban using doorways and beams and rural hunting situations by attaching to trees trunks, branches and high chairs.

This product has been designed to last a lifetime.

Xmount® Rifle Clamp

Cerakote Color
  • Cerakote Gen II NiR  coating.

    Custom made neoprene for excellent grip on wet and oily surfaces. Picatinny rubbers available.

    Slotted moving plate and tension spring for noise reduction and strength. Self cleaning rail.

    Excellent corrosive resistance.

    Picatinny mount for use with IR & visual flood, illuminator, laser range finder, sling loops and ballistic aids and calculators.