The Peli 1150 is a small, handheld protective case. It is available in a range of colours and with or without pick 'n' pluck foam.

Peli 1150 Protector Case

  • Int. Length (mm) 215
    Int. Width (mm) 150
    Int. Depth (mm) 94
    Int. Lid Depth (mm) 18
    Ext. Length (mm) 232
    Ext. Width (mm) 192
    Ext. Depth (mm) 111
    Handles Front Handle
    Foam Set Info Base Foam, 1 x Pick 'n' Pluck Layer, Convoluted Lid Foam
    No. of Latches 2
    Protection Waterproof, Crushproof, Dustproof, Corrosion-proof
    Certificates Def Stan 81-41
    IP Rating 67
    Security Plastic padlock hasps
    Weight Empty (kg) 0.8
    Weight with Foam (kg) 0.9
    Packaging Weight Empty (kg) 0.86
    Packaging Weight with Foam (kg) 0.96
  • Laser range finders



    Scope Camera 

    Inline Thermal/night optics

    Bipod options / attachments